You May Still Recover Money Damages from Lead Poisoning as a Child

After 1928, the United States was the last of the developed nations that continued to allow the use of lead-based paints. It was not until the late 1970’s that the use of lead-based paint was finally outlawed in the U.S.A. As a result, there are many older homes that may still have uncovered lead painted surfaces, and most often these are in the older neighborhoods of the city.

This old paint turns to dust and flakes, and falls to the floors or window frames. Small children then ingest the dust and flakes because, tragically, lead has a sweet taste. If you rent or live in an older home, the Marion County Health Department will come to your house or apartment and tell you whether there is lead present in your home. Simply call them at 221-2155. Most counties provide this same service.

Our office was successful in obtaining a monetary recovery for an adult who had suffered lead-paint poisoning as a young child. The time limit for a case involving an injured child does not expire until two years AFTER the child is 18 years old. So, if you or a loved one suffered lead poisoning as a child, there still may be a good case available. Recently, the Federal government’s study found that no amount of lead is safe in a child. Therefore, even low levels of lead in a child’s blood can cause significant injury. Our office can assist you with any case of possible lead poisoning.