4 Tips for Filing Workers’ Compensation in Indianapolis

Considering most people spend eight hours or more of each day at work, it is inevitable that injuries and illnesses will happen on occasion. However, when these problems are work-related, you do not want to be the one footing the bill.

Fortunately, when you work for a company, a program called workers’ compensation protects you. Workers’ compensation is a special kind of insurance that covers the expenses for any injuries, accidents, or illnesses that an employee sustains while on the job.

While this program is available to everyone working for a registered business, many people do not understand how it works, or even that it exists. As a result, many employees end up paying for medical bills that their employers could cover for health problems brought on by work.

Here are four tips you should follow to file workers’ compensation in case you experience a health problem on the job.

Understand your state’s individual policies

Each state has a unique workers’ compensation program, so familiarize yourself with your state’s policy. Businesses in Indianapolis fall under the Indiana workers’ compensation policies, which Indiana lists on their state website. While many state policies are similar, it is still very helpful to understand the specifics of your program, especially if you work in a position that puts you at particular risk of illness or injury.

File your claim right away

Technically, you have up to 30 days to file a workers’ compensation claim after you sustain an illness or injury at work. In reality, you want to file the claim as soon as possible. If more than 30 days go by, the state can deny your claim. Because it can take some time to process the claim, the sooner you file it, the sooner you can receive a reimbursement for your medical expenses.

Know whether you can see your own doctor

Check whether your program allows you to see your own doctor, or whether it requires you to see a doctor covered by your employer’s insurance. You may have the right to see your own doctor if you request this in writing. If you have to see a preapproved doctor that is not your own, be aware that it will be in their interest to call your condition a pre-existing condition (this way, they will continue to get future business from your employer). That means if the doctor asks if you experienced pain of this type before, just say “no” unless it has truly been a recurring condition.

Be mindful of the type of accident

If you experience an illness or injury from a workplace accident, it falls under the category of workers’ compensation. If, however, your injury is due to a reckless or intentional action by your employer, this is a more serious situation that is eligible for a lawsuit. In this case, you bypass the workers’ compensation and can take your employer to court for a much more serious case. Just be aware of the situation and intentions, and take your next steps accordingly.

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