A Brief Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Indianapolis

When you get a new job, you need to be aware of many legal and logistical aspects in order to make sure you are taking care of your rights. Workers’ compensation is a vital part of employment that is important to understand as you take on your new position.

What is workers’ compensation?

Often known as “workman’s comp,” workers’ compensation is essentially an insurance program mandated by the state to compensate employees who suffer from any injuries, illnesses, or accidents while on the job. There are several types of workers’ compensation, including federal and state compensations. A government-issued federal workers’ compensation program protects federal government employees, but each state has its own individual policies and programs for their workers.

Generally, if an employee has a work-related illness or injury, this program will compensate them, regardless of who was at fault. Whether it was the employer, a coworker, customer, or the employees themselves, they will receive guaranteed compensation for the injury or illness. In exchange for that guarantee, the employee cannot sue the company for damages.

What does workers’ compensation actually cover?

In Indianapolis, the workers’ compensation program will pay for any hospital or medical expenses that are necessary to diagnose or treat a work-related injury or illness. In addition to that, it will also pay for any disability or leave payments that an employee needs when they must take time off for their injury or illness, as well as rehabilitation or post-disability retraining.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation in Indianapolis?

If you are working for a registered and licensed business in Indianapolis, workers’ compensation covers you. It is the law in the state of Indiana that businesses have workers’ compensation insurance. If you are not sure about your status, speak to your employer’s insurance carrier to find out more information about the specifics of your coverage.

How much compensation will I get, and when?

First, when you have an accident, illness, or injury at work, you will need to report the claim of the incident to your employer within 30 days. From that point, they will assess the situation and calculate your compensation based on the specific incident.

If you cannot work for seven days, you will start to receive compensation through the form of weekly income benefits. You should receive two-thirds of your normal wage (your average weekly wage for the past year). In addition, you can report any hospital or medical expenses necessary for your work-related disability and file those claims. Keep in mind that your employer will have certain medical providers they work with and will compensate you, so you may not be able to see your own doctor.

Can my employer fire me for filing workers’ compensation?

No, it is illegal for your employer to fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you are fired from your job, and think it is because you filed for workers’ compensation, you should seek assistance from an attorney.

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