Causes of Electrical Burns

Most people think of heat or fire as the only source of skin burns. However, direct contact with electricity can also result in serious burns. The majority of these burns affect the outer layers of the skin and tissue. However, prolonged contact with an electrical source can result in injuries that reach deep within the tissue or even to the bone. They can cause a great deal of pain and suffering both financially and emotionally.

If you or your loved one has suffered from an electrical burn injury, resulting in long-term or short-term disability, you may be entitled to disability benefits for financial support while you heal. Contact the Indianapolis social security benefit attorneys of the Hankey Law Office today at 317-634-8565 to learn about your rights to compensation.

Causes of Electrical Burns

There are many different things that can cause you to suffer an electrical burn, ranging from accidents at work to faulty consumer products. Some common causes of electrical burns include:

  • Loose or fallen wires around telephone poles
  • Defective electric items
  • Improperly grounded wires
  • Mistakes with a building’s electrical system

It is predicted that over 500 Americans will lose their lives to electricity-related injuries this year. If you or your loved one has suffered in an electrical accident and can no longer work, it is time to speak with an attorney about your rights.

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