Causes of Stair Collapse

The majority of the time, there is little thought that goes into considering the possibility of stairs collapsing beneath our feet. Sadly, there are several common sources of negligence that may lead to this type of incident. Negligence amongst a variety of professionals can result in weak stairs that may give way under weight, causing devastating injuries.

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Negligence and Stair Collapse

Stair designers are responsible for ensuring that their stair designs are free of flaws and safety hazards. The following forms of negligence amongst these designers may cause a stair collapse accident:

  • Improperly secured stairs
  • Design not structurally sound
  • Improper balance of stairs
  • Failure to follow applicable building codes

Construction and maintenance workers are often cited in stair collapse personal injury lawsuits. The following are forms of negligence amongst stair builders and repairmen:

  • Use of weak materials
  • Improper installation of stairs
  • Failure to fix stair erosion/rust/rotting wood

The financial and emotional damages of stair collapse injuries can plague a person for life. If you have been a victim of one of these unfortunate instances, it is important to contact an attorney about your rights and legal options.

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