Cycling Accidents

Cycling is an excellent source of exercise that is low impact and a good source of cardio activity. Cycling offers many benefits, but like all activities that require roads and a potential interaction with cars and other automobiles, it can have a number of dangers.

Cyclists are at their greatest risk of injury from cars when they are required to share the road directly with cars and are unable to have their own area. This is incredibly dangerous since many drivers do not see the cyclists and do not know to adjust their speed and passing behaviors for the cyclists.

The second most dangerous type of cycling is when the cyclists are given a bike only lane that is not separate from the car lanes other than by a solid white line. This presents many of the same problems as sharing a lane with cars. It is, in some aspects, worse since the bikes might not have to stop at the same time as cars. Turning vehicles may forget or not realize the difference and so could clip a bike while turning.

The safest place for cyclists and bikes is far from motorized vehicles. The fewer vehicles around, the better it is for cyclists. Sidewalks are frequently not enough as they end at the intersection of roads and allow cyclists to cross busy roads with potentially careless drivers.

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