Mascara and Eye Infections

Many women wear mascara on a daily basis in order to draw attention to their eyes and glam up their eyelashes. Mascara has many cosmetic benefits but can also pose a danger to the eyes it is designed to emphasize.

The first danger of mascara results in one of the top reasons for women to go to the emergency room. Mascara is applied with a wand. As we learned in pre-school, pointy things need to be kept away from the eyes to minimize the chances of eye injuries. Unfortunately, women seem to forget this rule the second they decide to wear mascara. The mascara wand is perfectly capable of doing serious damage to the eye if it makes hard enough contact. This is especially possible if the individual applying the makeup happens to be driving and applying makeup at the same time.

Another danger of mascara is that it can trap bacteria within the tube. Every time a person applies mascara, the bacteria trapped in the tube is being taken from the tube in the liquid mascara and then applied to the eye area. This creates the possibility of eye infections since the bacteria are so close to the eyes.

Eyes are always susceptible to infections from ordinary bacteria that float around the face on a daily basis. Applying it to the eyelashes, or potentially the eye from a poke, introduces all sorts of bacteria to the eye area by choice.

Because of the large quantities of bacteria that can collect in mascara, it is important to change mascaras at least every three months.

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