Out of Court Settlements

When an individual is injured by another negligent party, he or she may chose to pursue legal action in order to gain financial compensation to help pay for any damages that resulted from the other party’s reckless behavior. One way to resolve the suit is through an out of court settlement, in which the two parties meet and come to an agreement on the amount of money that should be awarded to the injured victim.

If you were hurt in an accident and believe it was caused by someone else’s wrongdoing, you should speak with an experienced attorney to see if you have a viable claim for a personal injury lawsuit. Contact the experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorneys of the Hankey Law Office today at (800) 520-3633 for sound legal advice and guidance.

Understanding How Out of Court Settlements Work

The process for an out of court settlement includes the following steps:

  • Filing the suit – the party that the charges are being brought against must be informed of the suit and have adequate time to hire representation and respond to the charge.
  • Discovery – at this time, both sides will be able to obtain information from the other party. This includes any relevant documents, witnesses, or medical information following the accident.
  • Settling – this is the actual settlement which occurs when both parties agree to a monetary amount that they believe is fair and reasonable.

Oftentimes, victims may receive more financial compensation by settling out of court than by bringing a case to trial. In addition, this process is usually shorter and more straightforward for both parties. Of course, you should hire an attorney to represent you in either scenario to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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