The Dangers of Rust

Many metals are allowed to sit out in the sun unprotected from the elements. Some of the metals allowed to sit in the weather are ferrous metals which means that they can and do undergo the process of oxidation. Oxidation, or rusting, is the process by which a chemical reaction occurs between the metal and the elements resulting in the orange-brown, depending on the metal, coloring on the surface.

Some people are under the misconception that rust is nothing but a different color on the surface of a metal object. This is not true. Not only does rust destroy clothes but it is actually a process that eats away at metal weakening it. For many things, this is not a problem because the metal object is not expected to hold any weight. For load-bearing items, on the other hand, this can be extremely dangerous.

When the metal is eaten away by oxidation, it is weakened and unable to support as much weight. For items like bolts that hold chairs or decks together, this can be extremely dangerous as it can allow the item to collapse, injuring anyone on the deck or in the chair.

Another huge problem with rust is that it is known to encourage the growth of a specific type of bacteria that causes tetanus. Tetanus, in untreated cases, can result in death and is not pleasant in any situation. The bacteria move from the rust to the bloodstream when the nail or chair or rusty object breaks the skin.

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