2 critically injured in Noblesville accident

At least two individuals in Noblesville are in critical condition due to the injuries they sustained in a recent two-vehicle accident, an article of Fox 59 reported on June 23.

According to reports, the vehicle of two surveyors was parked in the 14800 block of southbound SR 37 when it was struck by another vehicle. The two surveyors of Certified Engineering, Inc. were identified as Derek Knowling, 31, and Brian Rees, 59. Both men were standing outside the vehicle and sustained serious injuries from the collision. The driver who caused the collision was later identified as 72-year-old Timothy Osburn. Reports confirmed that Knowling and Rees were in critical condition when they were transported to the hospital, while Osburn sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

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Fatal crash survivor in Marion County continues to recover

The 11-year-old boy who suffered serious injuries after being involved in a fatal car accident in Beech Grove last June is now gradually re-learning how to walk. Reports said doctors at Riley Hospital for Children were unsure if John Rogers would survive his injuries when the vehicle he was riding in was struck by a man attempting to flee from police after a robbery in Beech Grove. The collision, which occurred in Fountain Square, involved three vehicles and resulted in the death of John’s grandmother, Donna Niblock, and the injury of his aunt.

Five months after the incident, John’s father Daniel told reporters that his son was discharged from the hospital in October and continues to improve. John is able to walk again with the help of a walker.

The driver who caused the accident, 22-year-old Matthew Edmunds, is facing severe charges and preparing to appear in court next month.

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14 year-old driver arrested for car accident

A 14 year-old girl is in police custody after Indianapolis Metropolitan police say she was driving a car that crashed into a tree on South Mickley Avenue, seriously injuring three passengers.

The teen faces three counts of criminal recklessness causing bodily injury and driving without having received a license. Authorities say she was speeding when she lost control of the vehicle, veered off the roadway, and hit a tree. The car burst into flames on impact.

Two of the passengers, both 13 years-old, are in the hospital in stable condition. One other passenger remains in critical condition, the Indy Star reports.

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