SSDI judges facing tough scrutiny in new report

Some Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) judges are allegedly approving many disability cases without sufficient logical basis, an article of the Wall Street Journal reported on November 14.
According to a SSA inspector general report expected to be released this week, the bulk of SSDI cases of the 275 studied cases had problems in processing. The report revealed that only 31 cases underwent “proper processing” and some of the cases should have been denied. At least 44 SSA disability judges were found to be deciding cases hastily, awarding disability benefits to an unusually high number of cases. The report findings were used to determine that SSDI benefits were awarded to estimated 24,900 cases that resulted in nearly $2 billion in paid benefits.
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5 suspected SSDI scammers pleaded guilty

Five retired personnel suspected of scamming the Social Security Administration for disability funds recently pleaded guilty to grand larceny, Daily News reported on April 25.

The five suspects were among the dozens of ex police and fire personnel in New York arrested last January in suspicion of illegally taking advantage of Social Security disability funds. Some of them were respondents in the September 2001 terrorist attacks and claimed they could no longer work due to stress-related illnesses. The five suspected scammers who pleaded guilty were considered lower-level offenders and will not be sentenced to jail as part of their deal.

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month is this month

Employees with disabilities have contributed greatly to the American workforce and economy. To honor their hard work, the Department of Labor declared October to be National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).

The month also helps those who employ disabled people reaffirm their decision to offer equal employment opportunities.

This year’s NDEAM theme is “A Strong Workforce is an Inclusive Workforce: What Can YOU Do?” The Department of Labor offers suggestions on what you can do to raise awareness and be more inclusive.

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Life of Social Security cut by three years

According to Social Security trustees, the financial lifespan of Social Security has been shorted by three years and is now expected to dry up by 2033. The trustees say the Social Security trust fund has been cut due to high energy costs and a slow economy.

A record 5.4 million people have been awarded Social Security Disability Insurance since 2008. An increasing population receiving disability benefits means trouble for Medicare since they can apply for Medicare after two years. Medicare is expected to run out in 2024.

In the first four months of 2012, nearly 539,000 have been awarded SSDI while an additional 725,000 have submitted applications.

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SSA adds 52 new conditions to Compassionate Allowances program

This week the Social Security Administration announced that it will be adding 52 new conditions, effective in August, to its Compassionate Allowances program. The conditions mostly concern neurological disorders, cancers and rare diseases.

The Compassionate Allowances program was created in 2008 to help fast-track the approval process for applicants with certain diseases that clearly qualify them for Social Security disability. The addition of 52 new conditions increases the list to 165.

In the past fiscal year alone, the Compassionate Allowances program fast-tracked 61,000 people’s disability benefits for approval. Nearly 173,000 people have been quickly approved since the program began. For a full list of the new conditions, click here.

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