Disability benefits cessation as medical condition improves

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may decide to terminate the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments for individuals under the following circumstances:

  • The SSA may terminate the SSDI benefits of individuals whose medical conditions have improved.
  • The SSDI recipients are already qualified for “substantial gainful activity,” (SGA) meaning they are earning a monthly income similar to their monthly earnings while not disabled.

The SSA usually notifies SSDI recipients through the mail within a month that their benefits have been terminated. SSDI recipients, on the other hand, should know that they will be given three months worth of SSDI payments (a grace period) before their benefits are completely terminated.

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SSDI overpayments may have affected health of program

A decade-long report conducted by the inspector general of the Social Security Administration estimated that there have been frequent and widespread overpayments of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, according to Federal News Radio on June 7.

The study estimated that approximately $17 billion were wrongfully released to individuals who were no longer qualified to receive benefits for various reasons. For instance, beneficiaries would no longer qualify if they died, were imprisoned, began earning an income high enough to no longer qualify, among other reasons. This report comes as Congress is attempting to find a solution to fortify the disability fund, as it is predicted to run out by 2016.

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SSDI benefits given to eligible children

Children of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients, whether biological, adopted, step children or dependent grandchildren, may also qualify to receive benefits given that they fulfill certain required criteria, including:

  • Children of SSDI recipients should be single, meaning they are not married.
  • Children must be below 18 years of age, or
  • Any child who acquired a disability before the age of 22.
  • Full time students of SSDI recipients aged 18 to 19 that are below grade 12.

Every eligible child of SSDI beneficiaries is entitled to receive up to ½ of the full payment amount every month.

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Information on SSDI payments given to beneficiaries

Disabled Indiana individuals who are planning to apply or appeal for their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits should understand how payments are given in order to maximize their resources while coping with disabilities.

  • SSDI benefit should start at the time the SSA proves an individual’s disability.
  • SSDI payments are given every month, depending on the recipient’s birth date.
  • SSDI payments are either deposited onto a debit card issued by the SSA or to the recipient’s personal bank account.
  • SSDI payments will end once the disability of an individual has ended.
  • SSDI payment may be distributed for a person’s entire life if he or she suffers from a “permanent disability.”

The SSA periodically verifies an individual’s disability to make sure that they are still entitled to receive SSDI benefits. SSDI benefits may also be affected if a recipient is simultaneously receiving other benefits.

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Medicare benefits entitled to SSDI beneficiaries

Disabled workers who are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments for two consecutive years should be aware of their Medicare coverage to sustain their medical needs.

  • Free hospitalizations and follow up checkups.
  • SSDI recipients are entitled to free access to prescription medicines.
  • SSDI recipients who decided to pay for monthly premium are entitled to variety of medical insurances.
  • SSDI recipients have an option to avail of all healthcare services through plans offered by Medicare-certified private health providers.

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U.S. lawmakers are committed to solving the Social Security problem

One California lawmaker believes that both the Democrat and Republican parties are committed to saving the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program from running out of funds in the near future, the Fiscal Times reported on February 26.

According to Representative Xavier Becerra, both parties want to make sure that benefits are given to Americans who have contributed to the program. Though Rep. Becerra favored replenishing SSDI through the Old Age Survivors Insurance (OASI) program to prevent benefit cuts, Republicans do not want this to happen unless additional measures are taken to improve the program. Under President Obama’s plan, reallocation of funds from OASI to SSDI would sustain both programs until year 2033. A senior adviser of a federal budget watchdog group said the issue of looming depletion should compel the Social Security to reform the programs.

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Additional Social Security benefits entitled to those with disabilities

Many people are aware of the monthly stipend awarded from the Social Security Administration to qualifying disabled individuals. Aside from this monthly financial assistance, people whose Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has been approved are also entitled to other benefits to sustain their family and lifestyle while disabled. Listed below are the benefits bundled in the SSDI:

  • Individuals with disabilities are entitled to Medicare benefits two years after the onset date of their disability.
  • Through “auxiliary” SSDI, the spouse, minor, or disabled child of a disabled individual may also be entitled to receive SSDI benefits.
  • Up to a year of back payments are also sometimes awarded to eligible SSDI claimants.

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Congressman calls for investigation, not cost cutting, of SSDI program

A U.S. congressman disagrees with the way in which Republicans are attempting to address fraud in the Social Security disability system, according to the Duluth News Tribune on January 14.

Congress recently approved a rule that would prohibit the transfer of funds from retirement to disability, although this has been a regular practice for decades when either fund threatens to deplete. Now, disability remains at risk of depleting by 2016, which will result in critical cuts in benefits to disabled Americans. In a recent phone interview, Representative Rick Nolan said that instead of slashing disability benefits, the SSDI program could be fixed by removing undeserving beneficiaries of the program. Nolan calls for greater investigation into the system rather than inventing a crisis that will truly endanger those who depend on disability benefits.

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SSDI benefits may be reduced by a fifth

Millions of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients may have their benefits reduced by an estimated one fifth if legislators do not act, the Washington Post reported on January 7.

A parliamentary rule adopted by the House on January 6 prevented the transference of funds to SSDI from the retirement program. Though the retirement program has sufficient funds, some legislators say that this will not address the underlying problem. The new rule will force the Congress to debate next year on how to save SSDI. Representative Sam Johnson (R-Texas) said that new rule can be changed if it is determined to be crucial to fund SSDI through the retirement program.

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Report: disability judges erroneously approve appeal cases

A recent report revealed that many Social Security judges easily approve disability appeals, costing the program billions of dollars, The Washington Times reported on December 18.

In the report released by House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrel Issa (Calif.-R) both the SSDI and SSI programs are nearing exhaustion, unhelped by administration judges who easily approve claims. Rep. Issa reportedly is concerned that judges easily approve denied claims to compensate backlogs as fast as they can, and the agency is too lax to admonish them. People who deserve to get benefits are at risk due to the rapidly approaching disability fund expiration in 2016.

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