House investigators claim false claims are being made for SSD

Investigators in the House of Representatives said the Social Security agency is incorrectly approving disability benefits for people whose claims were rejected by local offices, in addition to failing to perform required follow-up reviews to make sure people who were granted claims are still disabled. According to this investigation, these factors are large contributors to the problems the Social Security program is currently facing.

A declaration made by three House committee Republicans said people are still receiving federal disability assistance even though they are not legally entitled to it. In response to the claim, however, a Social Security spokesperson said they follow a strict legal disability definition before they award benefits.

The number of claims being filed has greatly increased in recent years due to more American citizens reaching older ages and people facing difficulties due to the recession.

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Social Security predicted to be exhausted in 2016, Medicare in 2026

The Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare Hospital Insurance programs are likely to be exhausted by 2016 and 2026, respectively, according to a 2013 trustees summary report.

In 2013, the trust fund ratio of the Disability Insurance dropped by 85 percent, causing trustees to predict that the funds would be depleted by 2016, the same projection that was seen last year. Medicare, on the other hand, is expected to be drained in 2026, contrary to last year’s report that stated 2024. According to the Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees, the matter of the Social Security Disability fund is extremely pressing and something that lawmakers need to address soon to prevent lowered payments for beneficiaries.

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Social Security Disability Insurance funds expected to be gone by 2016

The funds of the Social Security Disability Insurance program are expected to be gone in 2016, ahead of Medicare and Social Security, a government report stated last year. The surge of people claiming disability benefits is one of the major reason funds are expected to drain relatively soon.

A new report of the disability program’s health is set to be released on May 31 by the trustees of Social Security and Medicare, updating the public on the vitality of the program. New estimates will also be provided regarding when the Social Security retirement trust fund and Medicare’s hospital fund are predicted to run out of funds. In the latest prediction, Social Security will run out of funds in 2035, while Medicare will only last to 2024.

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Debt and Social Security talks worry hoosier seniors

A move to change the way Social Security calculates cost-of-living adjustments to reduce deficit is cause for worry among seniors, especially women.

AARP associate state director for advocacy Sarah Waddle said the proposed chained Consumer Price Index (CPI), which lawmakers are currently considering, will result in smaller annual increases for seniors. Although the idea is that seniors will be frugal enough to find cheaper alternatives of what they need, Waddle says this. Hoosier seniors will lose around $2.6 billion over 10 years using the “chained CPI,” AARP calculates. Waddle also stressed that senior women will be greatly affected by “chained CPI” calculation because a majority tend to live longer and receive a lower amount in Social Security benefits.

Waddle also said seniors should not be targeted in deficit reductions because they have contributed to Social Security during their working years, and this program didn’t add to the debt.

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Republicans in favor of Obama’s Social Security cuts

Republican leaders are happy with Obama’s proposal to cut Social Security benefits, and they are eager to schedule a debate to tackle the sensitive issue.

Two House subcommittees plan to hold a hearing this week in line with Obama’s proposal to cut annual increases in Social Security benefits. Higher Medicare premiums, higher Medicare eligibility age, and reduced benefits for well-to-do seniors will also be tackled in the hearing. Budget analysts say Republican leaders’ top priority is to reduce cost of entitlements. Included in the president’s budget proposal is the “chained consumer price index (CPI)” where benefits will be reduced by 0.3 percent.

The first public hearing for Obama’s chained CPI proposal is scheduled on Thursday, while hearings on proposals to restrain the cost of Medicare will be followed by the health subcommittee.

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Direct deposit, now an option for Social Security payment

People, including Indiana residents, who receive monthly Social Security benefits and other federal checks can now start receiving their payments through direct deposit to their bank accounts rather than through the use of conventional paper checks, according to a recent report.

Indiana is believed to save an average of $840,000 a year when everyone chooses to get their benefits through direct deposit, the U.S. Department of Treasury said. Additionally, the federal government is estimated to be able to save about $1 billion over a period of ten years when the transition is implemented. Moving to direct deposit helps address the issue of stolen paper checks from mailboxes, which had amounted to around 440,000 lost or stolen checks last year.

A Go Direct employee will contact any benefit recipient who missed the March 1 deadline to sign up for direct deposit.

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Sandy prevents NE residents from receiving Social Security checks

While the northeast is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy and now a new, snowy weather system moving through the area, hundreds of thousands who depend on Social Security paper checks each month are left empty handed.

Mail service for many areas of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut is still disrupted a week and a half later, Reuters reports. Although 94 percent of Social Security recipients collect their benefits electronically, 229,000 disabled and/or retired residents in New York still receive paper checks, as do 43,000 Connecticut residents and 92,000 New Jersey residents.

The Social Security Administration is switching all Social Security payments electronically on March 1st, 2013. At that time, recipients can receive their money through direct deposit, DirectExpress debit cards, and ETA banks or credit unions.

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