Indiana Employment Contract Attorneys

Written to protect the interests of a hiring company, employment contracts should be reviewed and negotiated by an attorney in an effort to protect your own interests over the course of your employment. Though the vast majority of employment contracts will only include the hiring company’s most standard causes, which are difficult to negotiate, some employment contracts may be negotiable.

In any case, one of the Indiana employment contract attorneys at the Hankey Law Office, will be able to help you understand every aspect of the contract and, if it is possible, help you negotiate a contract that is more aligned with your interests.

Negotiation & Reviewing Employment Contracts in Indiana

The terms of the employment contract that you have been asked to sign will be legally binding for the entirety of the contract. With that in mind, our Indiana employment attorneys will help you understand every possible implication of that contract, including those that involve the following:

  • The terms of compensation and benefits offered
  • Any provisions for the termination of your employment
  • Any restrictions of your employment following termination
  • Any intellectual property rights or non-compete clauses
  • Any alternative methods of conflict resolution

Our Indiana legal team is committed to helping Indiana residents understand the terms of their contracts and further negotiate those terms to bring them more in line with their interests.

Consult with an Employment Contract Attorney in Indiana

If you have been offered an employment contract for a position anywhere in Indiana, you should speak with one of the Indiana employment contract attorneys at the Hankey Law Office, so that we may help you review and negotiate its terms. To discuss your particular contract with one of our Indiana employment attorneys, please call our Indiana offices at (317) 634-8565 today.