Indiana Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Though there are state and federal laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace, these incidents occur in workplaces across Indiana with disturbing regularity. Indiana employers are expected to take appropriate action when they learn that any of their employees have been subjected to sexual harassment. When Indiana employers fail to take action, or directly participate in harassment themselves, affected employees will likely be eligible to pursue legal action against their employer.

If you have been made subject to sexual harassment at work, you should speak with one of the Indiana sexual harassment attorneys at the Hankey Law Office to begin assessing the legal action that may be available to you.

Sexual Harassment Claims in Indiana

Our Indiana legal team possesses the experience and the resources you will need to develop a comprehensive legal strategy that is intended to help you recover compensation for the sexual harassment you have been subjected to, including any of the following:

  • Quid Pro Quo Harassment
  • Hostile Work Environment

Moreover, if your employer took retaliatory action against you after you reported an incident or incidents of sexual harassment, our Indiana legal team will work with you to pursue litigation against your employer for their wrongdoing.

Consult with a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Indiana

At the Hankey Law Office, our Indiana sexual harassment attorneys are committed to helping protect the rights of workers from employers who have either directly engaged in sexual harassment or allowed the harassment continue without repercussion. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of the Indiana employment attorneys, please call our Indiana offices at (317) 634-8565 today.

Sexual Harassment FAQs

What constitutes sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment refers to the unwanted touching, advances, or jokes from another worker, and may include other forms of physical or verbal harassment. Sexual harassment can look a number of ways and can even be one employee making obscene jokes near another employee who finds offense. On the other hand, the harassment may be more explicit, such as an employer requesting sexual favors in exchange for preferential treatment or an employee touching another employee’s knee, back, or any part of their body without their consent. No one should have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace and there are laws in place to protect employees.

What are common forms of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment comes in many forms and can be physical, verbal, or even written. It can range from an obscene t-shirt to a groping hand and is an unfortunately common occurrence in modern workplaces. Some common forms of harassment include quid pro quo harassment where one worker offers promotions or preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors and harassment that creates a hostile work environment, such as receiving obscene emails, being catcalled, being repeatedly asked on dates, and many other practices. Sexual harassment should not occur in the workplace, no matter what it looks like, and Hankey Law Office can help.

Can I be fired for making a sexual harassment claim?

If you file a claim with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission for sexual harassment, your employer cannot fire you or reduce your pay or job status in any way. If your employer punishes you for reporting sexual harassment, it is called retaliation—an illegal practice under the same laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment you should not be afraid to come forward and if you have been fired or otherwise punished for making a claim, your employer can be held legally accountable for their crimes. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment or retaliated against for a claim you made, you should seek legal recourse, and Hankey Law Office can help.