Does My Child Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

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Hi my name is Ashley marks I’m one of the attorneys at the Hankey law office and I wanted to speak with you today about children’s Social Security benefits. How you go about getting your children on benefits and what will qualify them for benefits under Social Security.

Children’s cases are income based, so it has to be a household income below a certain level and if you have questions about whether or not you qualify for that you can always contact your local Social Security office or you can contact a law office like ourselves and we can help you figure that information out. If you do meet that threshold requirement then they’re going to look at how your child is functioning to determine if they are disabled under the rules.

With certain conditions like asthma you might hear that they look at what’s called a listing and basically that just means if a certain condition is severe enough then your child should be deemed disabled.

Another way that children can be found disabled is we look at childhood domains and that just means different areas of functioning. They have to be functioning below a certain level in a certain number of them in order to be able to be found disabled.

Those include things like moving and manipulating objects, if this is a physical issue, or understanding and remembering and how they’re functioning in school we look at different areas like that. The most important types of evidence in these cases obviously first we want to make sure that the child has been receiving regular treatment whether that be physical treatment or with a counselor. It’s also important that if an IEP, an individualized educational program, through school is necessary that one of those has been established and that you’re going to all the regular meetings so all that is documented. Children’s cases can be more tricky but it is the case that we handle here at our office.

So if you have any other questions please feel free to call us. And again I’m Ashley marks with the Hankey Law Office and we look forward to speaking with you.