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The attorneys at the Hankey Law Office have put together the following list of articles on a wide variety of topics and issues that they feel are of the utmost importance to both clients and potential clients.

Department of Labor finds truckers have a high rate of work-related injuries and deaths

Bicycle Trauma Incidents by Charles Hankey

From the Desk of Stacy J. Crider: A New Perspective on your Worker’s Compensation Claim by Stacy J. Crider

Social Security Can Affect Long Term Disability Benefits by Melissa Davidson

Bicycle Safety and Accident Prevention by Melissa Davidson

Quick Tips for Talking to Your Doctor by Sondra Burger

Reporting Work Injuries by Stacy J. Crider

Why is My Case in Federal Court? by Kirsten E. Wold

A Dog Bit Me! Do I Have a Case? by Jim DuBach

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Our Returning Soldiers by Charles D. Hankey

No Excuses for Not Seeing A Doctor by Melissa A. Davidson

Federal Court 101 – What you need to know before filing your claim in Federal Court by Kirsten E. Wold

New Rules for Cases at the Appeals Council by Charles D. Hankey

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Social Security Disability Attorney by Melissa Davidson

Government Phones Provide A Lifeline for The Disabled and Unemployed by Ashley D. Marks

Financial Recovery after Pit Bull Attack by Sondra L. Burger

Courts Help Those Who Help Themselves by Melissa A. Davidson

Back to School…With a Disability by Charles D. Hankey

A Roadmap to Navigating The Social Security Disability Process by James M. DuBach

Working while Waiting for Your Social Security Disability Benefits by Melissa A. Davidson

Resolving Workers’ Compensation Claims by Stacy J. Crider

Who is the Vocational Expert and What do They Do? by Kirsten E. Wold

When Settlement Negotiations Fail by Ashley D. Marks

What to do When You are in a Motor Vehicle Accident by Kirsten E. Wold

Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits while I Wait for My Disability Hearing? by Ashley D. Marks

Tragedy Results from Cell Phone Driving by Sondra L. Burger

Staying Awake at the Wheel by James M. DuBach

Tips for Establishing Disability in Teens and Young Adults by Charles D. Hankey

The Treating Doctor Rule by Melissa A. Davidson

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Charles D. Hankey

Overpayments by Charles D. Hankey

Beware of Insurance Companies by James M. DuBach

Make Your Case Stronger! Be Smart About Talking to Your Doctor by James M. DuBach

Keeping Current with Long-Term Disability by Melissa A. Davidson

Car Insurance: What Happens If I Don’t Have It by James M. DuBach

How Does Drug/Alcohol Abuse affect Your Disability Case? by Sondra L. Burger

What are Settlement Loans and Should you Take One Out on Your Pending Lawsuit? by Stacy J. Crider

What to Bring to Your Hearing Preparation Meeting by Sondra L. Burger

Internet Postings Can Damage Your Case by Melissa A. Davidson

I Won my Case – Now What? by Charles D. Hankey

I Won my Case – Now What? Part II by Charles D. Hankey

Don’t Hurt Your Own Disability Case by Kirsten E. Wold

Depression: Getting Help Makes Sense by James M. DuBach

A Parent’s Bill of Rights by Charles D. Hankey

Worker’s Compensation: Report Your Injury by Sondra L. Burger

Are My Disability Benefits Taxable? by Sondra L. Burger

Continuing Disability Reviews by Charles D. Hankey

Defective Medical Devices Information by Melissa A. Davidson

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Kiss of Death in a Disability Claim by Kirsten E. Wold

Migraine Headaches by Melissa A. Davidson