Indianapolis Train Accident Lawyer

Although arguably not as prevalent as they once were, trains and railroads still crisscross our country’s landscape. An important form of transportation and commerce even today, trains are responsible for moving freight, shipping cargo – and causing accidents.

Like many other forms of commercial transportation, trains are extremely large and extremely heavy. In addition, many are also carrying dangerous, toxic, or hazardous materials which may be released in the event of an accident.

Causes of Indianapolis Train Accidents

The Indianapolis train accident lawyers of the Hankey Law Office understand the potential risks posed by both passenger and freight trains. Any number of factors could cause a train to derail, lose control, or crash into other trains, vehicles, or pedestrians on or around the railroad. These factors include:

Indianapolis Railroad Crossing Accidents

Railroad crossings are particularly dangerous areas because they are the locations at which trains, other vehicles, and people regularly come into close contact with each other. To ensure safety, Indianapolis railroad crossings should be designed to provide maximum visibility, display appropriate warnings, and implement protective mechanisms to prevent people or vehicles from accidentally coming into the path of a moving train.

According to estimates by the National Transportation Safety Board, over 60% of all railroad crossing accidents occur at unprotected or under-protected crossing sites. Factors contributing to Indianapolis railroad crossing accidents include:

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