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Residents of Indianapolis, IN depend on the services of dozens of specialized professionals on a day-to-day basis. While some of these workers may perform mundane or routine tasks, others are highly trained individuals responsible for handling extremely important jobs, information, and duties. When these individuals commit serious errors or engage in negligent misconduct, the consequences can be grave.

The Hankey Law Office is able to help you resolve disputes involving the negligence of professionals whom you trusted to handle sensitive tasks. Our Indianapolis professional malpractice lawyers can take on disputes such as:

Dealing with Professional Malpractice in Indianapolis

Because professionals such as lawyers, architects, engineers, and accountants are considered experts in their specific fields, they are expected to deliver quality services in accordance with their extensive training. A lawyer who mishandles his client’s case, an engineer who makes a critical design error, and an accountant who miscalculates his client’s taxes may all be liable for the damages resulting from their malpractice. In these situations, the legal expertise of an Indianapolis professional malpractice attorney is indispensible.

To resolve cases of professional malpractice in Indianapolis, however, you will need an experienced attorney who is willing to investigate all aspects of your situation. The nature of professional malpractice litigation means that a successful claim requires knowledge about both personal injury law and the field in which the defendant works. A lawsuit over an accountant’s malpractice, for example, must be grounded in an understanding of accounting principles and responsibilities.

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