Indiana Long Term Disability Lawyers

Injuries, illness, and medical conditions can result in disabilities that may leave a person unable to work and support their family. If a person is employed when the disability develops, the employer may have a short and/or long term disability policy that will pay a percentage of their salary if the person is unable to continue working. To find out if a person is covered under a short or long term disability policy, the person should speak with the human resource department. The human resource employee should be able to provide the person with the application for short and long term disability insurance.

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The Indiana long-term disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office, have successfully resolved cases with the following insurance companies:

  • Prudential
  • The Standard
  • Anthem
  • SunLife
  • Metlife
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Madison National Life Ins.
  • NY Life
  • Lafayette Life Ins.
  • UNUM
  • Sedgwick
  • Reliance
  • Aetna
  • Hartford
  • Lincoln National

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Three Reasons You Should Have Long-Term Disability Insurance

How We Can Help

Each person may have a unique situation that can affect his or her eligibility for certain aspects of both Social Security Disability or employer sponsored disability benefits.

When a disability impairs your ability to work, you and your family may be in need of immediate financial support. Although you can apply for long-term disability on your own, an attorney that specializes in disability may be able to help you recover these benefits without delay or other issues. If you are covered under a short or long term disability plan through your employer, never let them tell you that you do not qualify. Contact us to find out for sure whether you have the right to apply for those benefits. Termination does not necessarily mean that you may not apply for your employer sponsored coverage.

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Indianapolis Long-term Disability Benefits FAQs

Can I apply for long-term disability under Social Security if I’ve already been approved for LTD benefits from my insurance?

Yes, in fact, most long-term disability carriers require recipients to apply for Social Security benefits. This requirement exists to save insurance carriers money because they can reduce the amount you receive from them each month by whatever amount you receive from Social Security. This means you get the same amount of money and benefits, but some of it will come from social security and some from your private insurance provider. Insurance benefits can easily become complicated, especially if you are collecting benefits under more than one plan, and it is always best to hire an attorney to assist you in the necessary procedures.

Can my family apply for assistance after I am approved?

In certain cases, your family can also apply for assistance after you have been approved for Social Security benefits, given they meet certain requirements. For your spouse to obtain benefits, they need to be 62 years or older or can be younger if they are caring for a child of yours who is under 16 years old or is disabled. Additionally, your children may be able to collect benefits if they are younger than 18, or if they are older than 18 and have a disability that started before age 22. For more information about how families can qualify for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance, please contact Hankey Law Office today.

How long do long-term benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance last?

The length of time that your Social Security Disability Insurance will last depends considerably on the extent of your disability and the likelihood that you will return to work in the future. After you have been approved for benefits, you will be categorized into one of three potential categories depending on the likelihood you will return to work: Medical Improvement Expected (MIE), Medical Improvement Possible (MIP), and Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE). Your case will be reviewed at regular intervals (with smaller intervals between reviews for those with a condition more likely to improve) to see if you are eligible to return to work or if you will continue receiving benefits. If your condition does not improve, you will continue to be reviewed but will keep your benefits until you reach retirement age, at which time you will then receive retirement benefits instead.