Indianapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer

At the Hankey Law Office, we firmly believe that doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, hospital staffers, and other medical professionals, personnel, and establishments have a duty to perform their jobs with the utmost care for the well-being of their patients. Our Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers are committed to helping people and families who have suffered due to the negligence or misconduct of medical professionals.

Indianapolis Medical Malpractice Case Types

In the experience of our Indianapolis medical malpractice attorneys, even the most highly trained medical and hospital professionals have been known to make serious errors in judgment – errors which may lead to the injury, disability, or death of unsuspecting patients. The Hankey Law Office represents victims and families affected by:

Not all instances of medical malpractice occur in major hospitals; not all involve complicated surgery or emergency treatment. To reflect the reality of medical injuries, our team of Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers also handles cases involving the misconduct of other healthcare professionals:

We Can Help

Because Indianapolis medical malpractice cases involve complex medical and legal issues, only a lawyer who thoroughly understands the field will be successful in handling your injury claim. At the Hankey Law Office, our years of experience allow us to carefully evaluate the details of your case and decide how best to pursue compensation for the injuries you or your loved ones have suffered.

If you have been hurt, disabled, or disfigured due to the negligence of a medical professional, the Hankey Law Office can help. Contact our Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers today at (317) 634-8565 to discuss your individual case.