About Us

The Hankey Law Office is located in Indianapolis, and our attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience representing clients throughout Indiana and the Midwest who are disabled or who have been injured by the negligent and reckless actions of others.

The Hankey Law Office has been providing support to disabled individuals and personal injury victims for many years. Our lawyers are dedicated to the success of their clients’ claims and will work diligently to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.



For information on the Indiana social security attorneys of the Hankey Law Office, please browse the attorney profiles provided below.

Our Vision

We will be the leaders in disability and injury law with a team of bright, highly motivated, dedicated people who have a compassion for life, community, justice and client service. Our team will be innovative, exercising initiative in accomplishing our goals, acting on situations and opportunities, rather than be acted upon. We build and nurture lasting relationships: within our office, with our clients, within our profession, and within the community. Our team is viewed as professional, knowledgeable, aggressive, and compassionate.

Our Values

Our integrity is based on a foundation of values and policies, which are binding for all our attorneys and team members, and serve to guide us in everything we do. Our values are:

  • Dedication to client service. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations of our level of service
  • Excellence in our legal work product
  • Integrity (incorruptibility, reliability, following through with promises and commitments, living by the ethics of our profession)
  • Compassion for life (a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it)
  • Compassion for our community
  • Justice (pursuing the rights of people)
  • Loyalty to our team

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment to support a team of skilled attorneys and team members who share a passion for our vision. We will be a law office focused on providing quality legal services in the field of disability and injury law, dedicated to client service and noted for its compassion and integrity. Our team will be empowered to fulfill our vision, and motivated to client service. Our public cause will be for justice, improvement of our community, and improvement in the quality of life for the people we serve: clients, team members, citizens in our community, and business associates.

Staff Directory

NameJob TitleEmailPhone Number
Allison V.Case Administratoranv@hankeylaw.com317-554-5905
Anna B.Case Administratorab@hankeylaw.com317-638-1653
Barbara A.Office Receptionist (Habla Español)bla@hankeylaw.com317-634-8565
Beth S.Office Managerbas@hankeylaw.com317-638-1652
Brandy K.Medical Records Clerkbnk@hankeylaw.com317-638-1660
Carolyn E.Intake Coordinatorcme@hankeylaw.com317-554-5906
Chanel M.Medical Records Coordinatorcrm@hankeylaw.com317-554-5902
Ciara R.Case Administratorcpr@hankeylaw.com317-554-5908
Dyneil B.Case Administratordrb@hankeylaw.com317-634-6869
Elivia M.Intake Specialistelm@hankeylaw.com317-554-5914
Frida L.Litigation Paralegal (Habla Español)ayuda@hankeylaw.com317-638-1656
Isaac B.Case Administrator Coordinatoriwb@hankeylaw.com317-638-1662
Jacob O.Field Intake Specialistjmo@hankeylaw.com317-634-8565
Jamie S.Appeals Coordinatorjls@hankeylaw.com317-634-8621
Jessica S.Case Administrator jsummitt@hankeylaw.com317-634-6869
John O.Law Clerk/Referral Coordinatorjeo@hankeylaw.com317-554-5910
Justin H.Receptionistjch@hankeylaw.com 317-634-8565
Kristi B.Support Specialistkcb@hankeylaw.com317-554-5912
Leanne M.Senior Litigation Paralegallsm@hankeylaw.com317-638-1654
Lesley D.Litigation Paralegallmd@hankeylaw.com317-554-5903
Lynne S.Case Administratorlms@hankeylaw.com317-554-5901
Madison O.Case Administratormao@hankeylaw.com317-777-6134
Malinda F.Litigation Paralegalmrf@hankeylaw.com317-638-1658
Martha R.Accounting Managermmr@hankeylaw.com317-638-1659
Natalie L.Medical Records Follow Upnml@hankeylaw.com317-638-1663
Shannon E.Marketing Coordinatorsqe@hankeylaw.com317-634-8565
Shannon N.Human Resourcessmn@hankeylaw.com317-634-9817
Tierra R.Office Receptionisttsr@hankeylaw.com317-634-8565
Tiffany B.Medical Records Clerktmb@hankeylaw.com317-554-5911
Whitney Y.Case Administratorwky@hankeylaw.com317-554-5909