I had been denied my Social Security the first time about 12 years ago. I gave up, I didn’t file an appeal. UI did everything I could to work and help with our expenses, to no avail. About 3 years ago I felt forced to try to file again, even encouraged by my Dr. Again, I was denied. But this time I didn’t give up. I needed the help and I believed by law I should have it. So I called Hankey Law. I was skeptical at first and my husband was even more so.  The wait for a hearing is beyond crazy and there is very little anyone can do to speed it up. During the wait the Hankey team was there to help with my anxiety and impatient fears. They continued to keep my medical information current. We finally went to court, twice The Hankey Team was there all the way to the end and then some. We won!!! I couldn’t just thank 1 or 2 people at Hanky they really are a team. We used to snicker when Mr. Hanky said in those commercials “We hope you never need us, but if do we’re here when need us”. I’m not sure that’s the exact quote but it’s 100% true. I’m very grateful they were there when I needed them.

- Shelby S.

Lynne was very helpful and informative guiding me through the twist and turns involved with achieving Disability benefits.
With her talented and professional knowledge I was awarded Disability. Highly recommend Hankey Law Office.

- Randy G.

Several years ago I became seriously ill, had to give up my job and needed help in getting Disability.  Within 1 day of asking others Hankey’s Law Office was recommended by 5 people!  It was a no brainer.  Hankey it would be.  I was extremely naive & nervous with the process and needed a lot of guidance.  Hankey’s staff was very pleasant & helpful.  My biggest shout-outs go to Jered, my Case Manager and Sondra Burger, the Attorney for my case. Jered had the patience of a saint to field my nerves and questions. He was always prompt with return phone calls and handled my questions in a calm, kind and knowledgeable manner.  Sondra Burger was the advocate you need as you go to Court.  She gave clear directions and stood strong beside me as I answered my questions.  She made sure and errant answer would not affect my case.  I was fully aware of her presence and support, leading me to speak up for myself and my needs.  I am sincerely grateful. 

- Cindy T.

I recommend Hankey Law Office to everyone I know that needs assistance. They are top notch people. Everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of being in contact with has been very helpful and always get back to you in a timely manner. We most recently worked with Stacy Crider and Melissa Davidson, and they were both fantastic. Thank you for all your help and for listening to my problems. You’re great!!!

- Kim B.

Melissa with Hankey law did a wonderful job in helping me get my ssdi benefits as well as getting my dead beat health insurance to pay for cheating me out of 2years of long term disability benefits. 
I would recommend Hankey law to anyone needing help in those situations!

- Travis P.

I would refer anyone to Hankey Law Office. I have nothing to say but a group of excellent people. Anytime I had any questions is all I had to do was call my rep and they would get back with me within 24 hours with my answer. I would like to personally thank Hankey and his staff for making this such a great experience!!!! I can never thank you enough.

- Tiffney R.

The staff at Hankey Law Office, were outstanding. Mr James DuBach and Lynn worked my disability case. They always returned my calls, and kept me informed on any changes in my case. Would highly recommend Hankey Law. My case went on for about 3 yrs., they stayed on top of everything from beginning to the end.

- Michael M.

I wanna say a big heart felt thanks to everyone at Hankey Law Office you have all been an awesome group of people and big shout out to James and Lori you have been so helpful to me and no matter what the issue is or was or how big or small you all are so helpful and no matter how busy you answered all my questions even if they were a small issue to you but a big one to me i will recommend your law office to anyone in need of your services thank you all for all you have done for me!!!! And thank you to everyone at your offices for being such nice helpful people!

- Cindy M.

Excellent service!! I they are very helpful and informative. If they were out of the office they always returned my calls and answered all my questions. ( and I had many ) Anna was my case manager and did a superior job in helping me understand everything. To top it all off they won my case for me!! Thank you Mr. Hankey, Anna and Ashley. I will highly recommend Hankey law firm to everyone I know. 

- Deborah F.