Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy, also known as Erb-Duchenne palsy, is a disability that affects a patient’s arm resulting from injury to the upper group of the arm’s main nerves. The damage ranges in severity and can either heal on its own or may require surgery to correct.

The most common cause of this condition is dystocia, or a difficult childbirth or labor. This can occur if the child’s head and neck are pulled at the same time as the shoulders pass through the mother’s birth canal. This type of birth injury can be prevented by using proper delivery methods, whether it is a natural method or C-section. If these methods are not employed and a newborn is injured, the obstetrician or other medical professional may be liable under the law. If your child suffers from Erb’s palsy as a result of a physician’s negligence, call the experienced Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers of the Hankey Law Office, P.C., at (800) 520-3633 to learn more about your legal options.

Erb’s Palsy Symptoms and Treatment

Common symptoms of Erb’s palsy include the following:

  • Paralysis of the arm
  • Limp arm
  • Difficulty controlling arm motor control
  • Problems with arm sensation
  • Numbness in the arm

If surgery is required for Erb’s palsy patients, the procedure could be costly and cause emotional and physical pain and suffering. If your child’s injury was caused by a mistake made by a medical professional, you should not have to endure these hardships alone. If he or she is found to be at-fault in a court of law, you may be able to receive financial compensation to help recover from these damages.

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