Not a week goes by that some small plane somewhere crashes. In many of these accidents, the passengers and pilots survive but many also perish in the crash. Small airplanes have a much worse safety record than do their larger, commercial counterparts. One of the biggest factors in these accidents is the experience level of the pilot.

Pilot errors have long been known to be among the most common causes of small plane accidents. The pilots, in many cases, are pushing themselves beyond their level of certification or in a new area altogether, if they are fully certified.

When the pilot pushes him or herself beyond the established level of certification or experience, that pilot is taking a risk. Some pilots will choose to fly at night even though they do not have the full instrumentation certification. This is a serious risk as there is frequently no natural horizon to go by and prevent a crash.

Other pilots will fly in situations where they know they should not fly, either because of weather at the airport or weather along their route or at their destination. Regardless of what the error actually is, 53% of all small aircraft accidents are the result of pilot error.

Inclement weather, engine trouble, ice, air traffic controller accidents, improper loading of cargo, defective onboard equipment, and fuel tank explosions have also been listed commonly as the reasons behind an aircraft’s untimely demise.

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