Many people who work on assembly lines or in any sort of repetitive job may find themselves bored by their work and their attention slipping to other things. Depending on the type of working environment, this can be a very dangerous situation.

The first danger of boredom in the workplace is that it can lead to mistakes and errors. Mistakes on an assembly line or with some sort of heavy machinery can be costly not only to the company but also to the health of co-workers and the person working in the first place. Heavy machinery that is not given a person’s full, undivided attention can slip and hit anyone in the vicinity.

Boredom can be caused by any number of factors in the workplace. The pure repetitive nature of a job can cause a person to become bored and disinterested in what he or she is doing. On top of repetition, general dissatisfaction with a job for any reason can lead to boredom. If a person is trying to move up in the world or has a variety of things on his or her plate, attention can slip due to that as well.

To keep attention at work, it is important to put everything else out of one’s mind before beginning work each day. It is not only beneficial to one’s job performance but also to the health and safety of all people at work, especially if working with machinery is part of the job in question.

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