Blindness is the loss or absence of perceiving visual images, whether temporary or permanent. Blindness can have a variety of causes. Some forms of blindness can be cured or improved medicinally, surgically, or with technological innovations. Damage to any part of the eye, optic nerve, or any area of the brain related to vision can potentially lead to blindness.

One major cause of blindness can be eye injuries, whether physical or chemical. Eye injuries can range from getting a benign and removable substance in the eye to permanent vision loss.

Chemical Exposures and Burns

A chemical burn can occur in a number of ways, usually caused by liquid splashing into the eye. Some chemicals are mainly irritants, such as sunscreen, household soap, and tear gas.

Acids and alkalis are considered high-risk materials that can lead to blindness. Acids can be found in batteries; alkalis can be found in drain cleaners and ammonia-based products.

Corneal Abrasions and Iris Injuries

The cornea, a transparent skin covering the eye, can become scratched. Many people experienced corneal injuries from a tree branch or other protruding object.

The colored portion of the eye is known as the iris. An iris-related injury is usually a result of being hit in the eye with a blunt object, like a club or fist. This muscle controls the amount of light that enters the eye – the injury normally caused is inflammation.

Other Forms of Eye Injury

Hyphemas: Bleeding occurring in front of the eye, sometimes as a result of getting hit in the eye with a projectile or being kicked in the eye or face.

Lacerations: Cuts that occur from sharp objects or from a fall.

Foreign Objects: Generally a small piece of material such as metal, wood, or plastic inside the eye.

Ultraviolet Keratitis: A common trauma induced by light which simply put is a burn in the cornea. Dangerous ultraviolet light can be caused from arc welding, tanning, and the sun itself.

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