In the hot summer months, many people who exert themselves outside run the risk of suffering a heat-related illness. Many sports participants, construction workers, and other outdoor laborers must take proper care to maintain a reasonable body temperature and stay well-hydrated. Coaches and supervisors have the responsibility of allowing plenty of rest so that these individuals do not get overheated. Failure to do so could have devastating consequences.


Depending on the outdoor temperature, one’s level of hydration and the amount of time one has spent in the hot environment, an individual may suffer more or less severe heat-related complications. In general, heat-related illnesses are divided into the following classifications:

  • Heat rash: Swelling of sweat ducts, resulting from excessive sweating and causing irritation and itchy skin
  • Heat cramps: Muscle pain resulting from overexertion and lack of water and minerals due to heavy sweating
  • Heat exhaustion: a prelude to heatstroke with symptoms including weakness, dizziness, headache, and heavy sweating
  • Heatstroke: the most serious form of heat-related illnesses, often characterized by hot and dry skin, vomiting, confusion, and difficulty breathing

If you begin to develop signs of any of the above heat-related illnesses, then you should immediately remove yourself from the heat, intake fluids, and replace lost minerals and electrolytes.

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