If you are struggling to perform your work due to a disability, it is important that you learn about your options. The United States government has programs to help you financially. Social Security benefits have helped many Americans suffering from a permanent or short-term disability. The application process for these benefits can be complicated. Although it takes just a few minutes to actually file with the SSA (Social Security Administration), it can take a great deal of time to gather sufficient information and the wait for benefits can take well over a year.

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Ways to Apply for Disability Benefits

There are three ways to file for Social Security Disability benefits with the SSA. You can file in person by scheduling an appointment with a local office. Sometimes personal interaction helps people understand your individual situation and disability. You can also apply by phone or the internet. Your lawyer can help you decide which may be the best method for your situation.

There is certain evidence you must have no matter which way you decide to apply. You must provide a list of jobs you have had in the last 15 years, why you can no longer perform this work, and a medical history that documents your disability.

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