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Is Blindness a Qualifying Social Security Disability?

Vision problems render many people unable to work. It is extremely difficult to go about leading a normal life with this kind of disability. Therefore, the Social Security Administration recognizes severe vision problems as a qualifying disability for Social Security benefits.

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Vision Difficulties and Social Security Benefits

Legally blind individuals may be entitled to assistance. People whose vision cannot be corrected to more than 20/200 in the best eye or have a visual field that is 20 degrees or less are considered legally blind.

There are exceptions for those who are not legally blind. Vision problems are common side effects of health problems and may be enough to prevent you from participating in your chosen field of employment.

There is no difference in the definition of qualifying disabilities for the two main types of Social Security benefits. If you meet the qualifications, you will be eligible for one of the following two types of assistance:

  • SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) – Given to individuals from the money they have put into Social Security over the years.
  • SSI (Social Security Income) – Given to individuals who have an income below a certain threshold

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