What we now know as “notebook” computers were, for a long time, called laptops. These computers are portable and can be carried, with varying degrees of comfort, by the owner. This allows the owner to move around his or her residence with the laptop, ensuring mobility, freedom, and flexibility. While these smaller, lighter, portable computers have made life much more flexible, they also have had their name change due to their ability to become extremely hot and burn people.

When a laptop was used while the owner was seated with the computer on his or her lap, air was not allowed to circulate within the computer causing the fan and internal parts to be unable to cool. When the laptop does not receive sufficient air circulation, it becomes warm from the operation of the computer itself. Normally it would not be warm but without air to cool it, the heat is trapped inside.

Sometimes a laptop is capable of heating to the point that it is capable of burning a person’s skin. This is particularly a problem if the person using the laptop is wearing shorts or clothes made of a thin material. Because of the potential for burns, computer makers everywhere opted to change the laptop to a notebook.

Despite this change, people still use their notebooks on their laps. Most are safe but some may be equipped with defective parts that cause the notebook to run extremely hot and increase the possibility of burns.

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