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Nursing Home Accidents

We all expect our loved ones to receive the best care while living in a nursing home. For the most part, nursing homes do a lot for their residents and try to accommodate as best they can. However, sometimes a nursing home provider or employee fails to provide a safe environment, and it is our loved ones who suffer as a result.

The best thing to do when setting up an appointment for a nursing home is to ask questions. Make sure that the facility is clean. Normally, a tidy nursing home also means a safe nursing home due to attention to detail. Ask to speak with the tenants to get first-hand accounts of the safety within the facility.

Potential Nursing Home Dangers

Some potential dangers of nursing home are:

Slips and falls: Many falls can result from failing to cleanup a mess on the floor, failing to install railings in stairways or restrooms, or failing to aid a tenant from walking from one area of the home to another.

Defective equipment: Wheelchairs, railings, bed guard rails, walking devices, and windows can break and shatter, leaving the tenant in a position of trauma or immobilization.

Burns: Some water valves are designed to keep water warm but never get hot. If these valves are not checked regularly, a tenant can burn him or her self.

Wandering: Some residents have a history of walking off to distances prohibited by the staff of a nursing home. If these residents are not properly observed, there can be serious ramifications.

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