Rugby is one of the roughest sports played today. Many rugby players have a lot of pride for the brutality of the sport and the hits that they give and take. Because very little safety equipment is used during practice and play, injuries are very common. Unfortunately, if the injury is serious enough, it could end the player’s rugby career or even result in a disability for life.

In rugby, injuries are often considered a “badge of courage.” Players often enjoy swapping stories about the injuries they got while making an especially great or risky play. Instead of immediately going to the emergency room for an injury, a player may insist on staying to watch the rest of the match and may even go out with the team to celebrate afterward when he or she should be receiving medical attention.

Like in most sports, rugby injuries are inevitable, but there are certain measures that players can take to minimize the damage so that they can more quickly rejoin the team and avoid permanent injury. As soon as an injury occurs, a player should be pulled from the match and should see a medic. If the injury is serious, an ambulance should be called to take the player to the hospital. A doctor can inform the player of proper treatment steps to take, how long the player should avoid playing to let the injury fully heal, and what kind of physical therapy will be needed, if any.

The key to minimizing injuries in any sport is immediate and proper treatment. As a rugby player, you should always be watchful for your own injuries or for injured teammates, and be sure that all injuries receive medical attention as early as possible.

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