What qualifies as a disability according to the Social Security Administration (SSA) is rather vague, and sadly the system is not standardized, with options within the SSA sometimes differing. A doctor may give one piece of advice, a lawyer another. If you are struggling from a disability, you need to find out if you qualify for Social Security benefits and to file a claim as soon as possible. Unfortunately, two-thirds of claims are initially denied, and you may have to appeal.

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Social Security Disability Denied Benefits

The government has a fiduciary duty to manage taxpayer funds responsibly. Accordingly, they are inclined to be highly critical of applications for benefits. They do not want to give help unless it is absolutely certain that a person is entitled to the benefits. The following are some of the reasons the SSA denies initial claims and subsequent appeals:

  • Impairment was not judged to be severe
  • They believe that the individual is still able to work
  • The disability does not qualify
  • Insufficient documentation

A committed attorney can help you to pursue the appropriate appeals if your initial claim is denied. Moreover, a legal advocate can help you to ensure that you have gathered all the necessary proof and documentation that you need to support your claim so that a needless denial can be avoided.

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