Social Security Disability benefits are intended to be available for all who qualify. But there are procedural requirements and language associated with them that can make one’s situation difficult to understand. Once an individual has demonstrated to the SSA that he or she is disabled, benefits should begin. These benefits are to be paid until one’s disability is ended. For permanent disabilities, this means that payments should be life-long. However, the SSA will check in periodically to ensure that one is still disabled.
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Social Security Disability Benefit Information

There are a lot of important things to know about your SSDI benefits. Firstly, SSDI benefits are paid out on a monthly basis. The date upon which you receive your benefits depends on your birth date. Payments can be directly deposited into your bank account, or onto a Direct Express® card provided to you by the SSA. This card functions like a debit card and serves as a safe place for you to receive federal benefits.
At least one third of SSD beneficiaries pay taxes on their benefits. Beneficiaries who receive a substantial income in addition to their benefits are usually the only ones affected.

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