In the United States, having a Social Security number is important. A Social Security number grants a person permission to work in this country as well as gives a person access to many financial services such as credit and banks. Social Security numbers also come into play for disability benefits. People who become disabled and lose their ability to work may be able to claim Social Security disability benefits if they meet certain conditions.

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3 Forms of Social Security Identification

There are three different forms of Social Security cards. The first kind is distributed to U.S. citizens and other permanent residents. This form of Social Security card has the holder’s name and Social Security number on it and grants the holder the right to lawfully work in the United States without restriction, allowing him or her to earn the Social Security credits that qualify the individual for disability and retirement benefits.

The second type of Social Security card also has the cardholder’s name and Social Security number, but it has an additional warning that reads, “VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION.” This card is for people who are temporarily admitted to work in the US.

The third kind of Social Security card has the same information as a regular one, but it has an addendum that says it is not valid for any kind of employment. It is issued to people from other nations who need a Social Security number, usually to receive a type of benefit or social service, but who are not authorized to work in any capacity.

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