It’s finally happened!! Social Security has scheduled a date for your disability hearing with a Judge. You have your appointment time to meet with your attorney to prepare for the hearing. Should you bring anything with you to the appointment with your attorney? YES! Please bring the following:

1. Current Medication List

Bring a complete written list of all the medicine you are prescribed. If you were prescribed it by your doctor, it should be on the list. This list will be sent to the Judge as evidence in your case. EVERYONE SHOULD BRING A LIST OF MEDICATIONS.

2. Seizure or Headache Calendar

If you have seizures or headaches, bring in your calendar that you have used to document the number or type of headaches or seizures. This will be sent to the Judge as evidence to document the number of episodes you have.

3. Notes from Doctors

If your Doctor has given you a note about your disability, that you need a cane or other device or for other reasons, we may not have it in our records. Please bring those notes with you. We will send them to the Judge as evidence that you have the medical need or impairment written by your doctor.

4. Employment Information

If you have worked after you applied for Disability benefits, make a list of the employers, how long you have worked for them, how many hours a week, and what you were paid. This information helps your attorney prepare you for questions by the Judge about your work.

Preparing for your hearing is an important event. Help your attorney prepare you by bringing these four things to the appointment. You may not be concerned with all of the categories, but everyone should bring a medication list. See you at your hearing preparation appointment!