By: Sondra Burger

I usually only preach to my kids, but today I am compelled to preach to you about talking and texting on your cell phone while driving. Grayson Paul Jett, only 14 months old, was killed on March 18, 2010 in a rear-end collision caused by a woman using her cell phone while driving. Grayson’s dad had buckled him in the child restraint seat but the impact of the rear-end collision was too great to protect him. Little Grayson died of head injuries later at the hospital.

I myself am guilty of cell phone use while driving, but I am cured now because of Grayson. It shouldn’t take such a tragedy to change our habits so innocent people are not hurt or killed by our bad choices. These accidents are totally preventable by just waiting a few minutes to call back or pulling over to a safe place to make a call. Are we so selfish and unconcerned about others that we require the Federal Government to make a law restricting cell phone driving? I hope we are a better, more mature society than that.

Grayson’s mother posted on Facebook, “if anything positive can come from this tragedy it is that we are smarter and safer drivers and the consequences of distracted driving have real bite.”

Remember little Grayson the next time you reach for that cell phone while driving. Just STOP and wait until you get to a safe place to call, answer, or text. You could be saving your life, your passengers’ lives, or the lives of other innocent people. Keep your eyes on the road while behind the wheel.

Remember little Grayson.