A woman in Knoxville receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits due to her debilitating epilepsy had her monthly benefits stopped recently due to the impression that her condition does not affect her daily activities anymore, a September 21 article published on wate.com stated.

Epileptic patient Amy Schnelle was advised last May that she would no longer get benefits from Social Security (SS) as her condition was believed to be improving. Schnelle, who cannot work due to her severe seizure attacks, heavily relies on her SSDI benefits to sustain her daily medicines needed for the disorder. SS told her that her disorder can be treated with proper medication and therefore she could go back to work. Aside from the $1,200 monthly SSDI benefits, which she is appealing to continue, Schnelle’s Medicare assistance has also ceased. Schnelle believed that the SS is giving her a dilemma as she needs the benefits to be able to buy the medicines.

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