The Social Security Administration (SSA) conducts a review of every person who receives disability benefits (SSDI), so they can know if the beneficiaries still deserve to get financial assistance.

Usually, the SSA notifies beneficiaries by mail that a review will take place. SSDI recipients should know they will be guided by local SSA officials regarding the review process and their rights. During this time, beneficiaries are expected to provide copies of their updated medical records that may include medical procedures they had. Beneficiaries will then be reviewed by a doctor and a disability examiner. At some point, additional medical exams at the expense of the SSA are requested from the beneficiaries. If the SSA decides an individual is still disabled, he or she is still entitled to benefits. However, benefits could stop if the SSA learns the person’s disability is improving. SSDI beneficiaries who believe their benefits were wrongfully stopped may consider appealing for their benefits.

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