Located in North Carolina, Camp LeJeune is the second largest US Marine base. The water supply at Camp LeJeune was found to be contaminated with dangerous toxins that may have led to cancers, infertility, other significant health issues, and even death.  Those harmed by the toxic water include not only former Camp Lejeune soldiers and their families who lived or worked on the base, but also non-military staff, employees and neighbors in the areas surrounding the camp.

In 2022, the PACT ACT (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics) was enacted and included The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022, which allows anyone who lived or worked on the base between 1953 and 1987 to file a claim and lawsuit for damages.

There are some important things to know about this litigation:

  • Water contamination affected not only Camp LeJeune, but also New River Air Station, which shares the water supply. Anyone residing at either location may participate in the lawsuit.
  • A claim for damages under the PACT Act is not the same as a claim for service-connected disability benefits that are available for Veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The claim form in this litigation must be submitted to the Department of Navy on a special form.
  • Claims can be filed not only by Veterans and their families, but also civilians that lived and worked on either base for at least 30 days from 1953-1987. This includes children that were in utero or born after exposure to the toxic water.
  • The deadline for claims is August 10, 2024.

Here at Hankey Marks & Crider, our attorneys are not only accredited by the VA, they are also personal injury litigators experienced in the federal courts – where the Camp LeJeune cases must be filed. How can a skilled attorney assist with your case?

  • Assist with proper completion and submission of the claim form. Don’t risk having a claim rejected because of failure to complete the form properly.
  • Advise on whether the expedited settlement option is appropriate for your case.
  • Gather any evidence necessary to provide proof of exposure and diagnosis during the required time frames.
  • File and litigate the lawsuit in the Federal District Court.
  • File a simultaneous claim with VA for service-connected disability benefits, if you are a Veteran.
  • Assist with filing a claim for a loved one that died due to an illness from the toxic exposure.
  • Attorney fees are limited under the Camp LeJeune Act.

Don’t delay! The time to file claims is limited!  You may visit us online or reach out by either calling (317) 634-8565 or email: jwiley@hankeylaw.com.