There are basically three approaches to applying. One approach is to go directly to the local Social Security office, advise them that you are applying. They will take your application or set up an appointment. If they set up an appointment, the application date is back-dated to the date of the inquiry. It’s called the protective filing date. Another way to do it is call the local office or the 1-800 number on the phone. Ask that an application be sent out. They will do that. The other way is the internet: ssa.gov. The problem with the internet is you have to be internet comfortable and savvy. It will take about two hours to fill out the application and double check it. You need to make sure that you get a receipt and that you print out your application. We’ve had many folks who thought they had applied, only to find out that somehow it had not been sent. We like to have our clients come in and meet with us, go over what is expected of them so that they can be prepared to do the application, and then we will help them decide the best way for them to do it. If someone is obviously crippled and impaired, wheelchair bound, limping from a cane, has great trouble remembering things, then we will encourage them to go in person to the local office. So the local Social Security workers will be able to notice those obvious difficulties and hopefully that will end up streamlining the process a little bit.

If you have been denied Social Security yet feel you are entitled to benefits contact an Indiana Social Security Attorney from the Hankey Marks & Crider at (317) 634-8565 to learn how to proceed with your claim.