Hello my name is Sandra Berger. I’m an attorney with Hankey Marks & Crider Indianapolis Indiana. I’ve been representing people in Social Security cases for over 25 years, and I have some information for you that will help you in your Social Security case if you have seizures. Seizures are a situation that are very personal to every person. You have a seizure that is a different than the next person who suffers from a seizure disorder but there is one thing that’s very important with your Social Security case, and that is to keep a log of your seizures. Very simply get a calendar, it can be a wall calendar or a pocket calendar, and every time you have a seizure just make a mark or a note and that will help us prove the number of seizures you have in a particular period of time. Social Security has several rules that indicate how many seizures a person has that reflects upon the severity of their condition and whether or not they’re eligible for benefits. I’m not going to go into that because it’s a very different situation sometimes but it’s a very important to keep a log of how often you have seizures. Not only will that help your Social Security case, but it will also help your doctor in your treatment so that he or she will know how many seizures you’re having and if your medication is effective. If you follow this one simple rule you can come into a hearing with much more evidence than most people have. We’ll make a copy of your calendar and we’ll put it in as evidence and the judge will have no excuse for not believing you when you say you have so many seizures per day, week, or month. Thank you for listening to this video. My name is Sandra Berger. I’m with Hankey Marks & Crider Indianapolis Indiana.