Hi, my name is Melissa Davidson, I’m an attorney with the Charles Hankey Marks & Crider.

I wanted to talk with you today about children’s medication, especially in the daycare setting. It’s so scary for parents to drop off a child who is dependent on their medication to get through the day and know that the daycare is going to administer it the way that it’s supposed to be administered.

So I wanted to give you some tips on how to keep your child safe when he’s not in your care. First I would find out what the daycare’s policies and procedures are for administering medication. There should be some kind of a log that they’ll show you that shows when the medicine was administered, how much they gave the child, if they had any problems with it, and an initial of of the person who gave the medication.

When you’re dropping a child off for daycare with medication I would try not to give them the whole bottle. Leave only the amount of medication that the child needs for the amount of time they’re going to be in the daycare. Oftentimes children can be given the wrong dose. Daycare providers may not be employing folks who have passed any kind of certifications for giving medication. So it’s important that they not get confused with what the particular medicine is or how often it should be given. The best way to handle that is to just not give them more than is needed for the particular stay.

Certainly, if your child or you know of a child who’s been injured in a daycare because of wrongful medication distribution, Hankey Marks & Crider would be happy to talk to you about your rights and what we can do to get compensation for you.