It is the inability to work and earn more than a $1,000 a month for 12 consecutive months due to a mental or physical problem. There are different ways of proving disability. There are a number of conditions which Social Security admits are disabling. These are called the listings. We ask the client’s doctors if the case is a listings case to fill out a form or generally demonstrate the findings and reach the conclusion that the listings are met.

There are also ways of proving disability based on a person’s age, their past work, and what their capacity is. So, it basically means you can’t earn a $1,000 a month because of your disability and its 12 consecutive months. But there are many complexities to proving disability, so the proving of the disability is sometimes difficult. It requires specific words and specific statements and that’s where most people need the assistance of counsel to gather the needed facts and make sure they’re all present.

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