Defective Medical Devices Information

St. Jude Heart Defibrillator Riata Lead Recall

The attorneys at the Hankey Law Office are encouraging our clients with St. Jude heart defibrillators to find out if theirs contains the recently recalled Riata lead. A recent study has indicated that 15% of patients who received the Riata leads suffered an “insulation breach,” causing the wires to protrude through the protective coating.

If you or a loved one has a St. Jude heart defibrillator with Riata leads and has experienced problems, please contact one of our attorneys at 317-634-8565 for a free case evaluation.

Biomet Hip Replacements

In late 2001, the FDA announced that Biomet was recalling hip implants due to a problem with the device that could cause a fracture and require additional surgeries. The faulty component is known as the Zirconia ceramic femoral head, which is the ball portion of the artificial hip. The recall applies to Zirconia ceramic femoral heads manufactured since January of 1998.

Symptoms of a fractured Zirconia ceramic femoral head include hip pain, grinding sensations, and limited movement in the hip. If you or a loved one has a Biomet hip implant containing the Zirconia ceramic femoral head, and have experienced such problems, contact one of our attorneys right away to protect your legal rights.

Medtronic Kappa and Sigma Pacemakers

If you have a Medtronic Kappa or Sigma pacemaker, and have experienced symptoms such as an abnormal heart rate or fainting, your device may be defective. In June of 2009, Medtronic issued a recall of certain Kappa and Sigma pacemakers due to faulty wiring that could cause the device to fail. Thousands of people are currently implanted with these pacemakers, and there is no way to detect the problem until the device fails.

If you or someone you love was injured by one of Medtronic’s faulty Kappa or Sigma pacemakers, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the Hankey Law Office and speak to one of our attorneys today.