Lawyers for Babysitter or Caregiver Abuse

When parents have an appointment in the evening, or simply want to enjoy a night on the town without the children, they typically hire a babysitter to care for the little ones while they are away from home. Parents put a great deal of trust in these individuals to provide exemplary care, act responsibly and demonstrate safe behavior. However, some babysitters are not as trustworthy as others and may use disciplinary actions that the parents might not approve of, even including verbal or physical abuse.

For individuals who engage in this kind of dangerous behavior, parents may have the right to pursue legal action against their babysitter. If you believe your child is being abused by his or her caregiver, you must take action to bring this person to justice. Contact the Indianapolis child injury lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider at (317) 634-8565 to discuss your situation and learn about your legal options.

Potential Signs of Abuse

There are several signs that may indicate abuse is occurring in your home:

  • Your child’s behavior suddenly changes when you are ready to leave them at home with the caregiver, especially if this did not use to be a problem before.
  • You are noticing cuts and bruises on your child after the babysitter is finished caring for them.
  • Your child flinches when you raise your hand in front of him or her, but did not do so before.
  • Your child’s demeanor has changed from happy to withdrawn and/or anti-social.

The above list may indicate abuse, but they are certainly not the only signs. If you believe your child is being abused, you should take action immediately and inform not only an attorney, but law enforcement official, as well.

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