Indianapolis Telephone Wire Injury Lawyer

Telephone poles are a common site to see along many of the roads and highways in Indiana. They are responsible, where the wires haven’t been run underground yet, for transporting electricity from the generating or storage station to the homes of people everywhere. They also carry telephone wires for landlines, in some instances.

The electricity that runs through telephone poles can be very dangerous for individuals on the ground that work for the electric company and that just live near the poles. In heavy storms, the lines can become damaged by tree limbs and other debris. In some cases, when the power goes out, it is because a wire has broken completely and is now dangling dangerously near a home or car or some object on the ground.

When the power goes out due to a broken wire, the problem is not that the power has been turned off. Electricity runs on circuits. When a wire breaks, the circuit is broken which means it all gets stopped at the break in the wire. The wires that hang loose still have electricity running through them making them a much greater threat than wires that are firmly secured to a pole.

Telephone poles can also be a hazard when their wires get crossed and the guide wires somehow end up with electricity running through them. While not as common as breaks in the wire, it does happen and can be deadly.

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