Indianapolis Drowning Accident Attorney

Every year, thousands of people in the United States die from drowning-related incidents; thousands more suffer serious and irreversible neurological damage as a result of near-drowning experiences. Young children are especially at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that unintentional drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of 14.

At the Hankey Law Office, our Indianapolis drowning accident attorneys believe that many drowning deaths can and should be prevented: statistics show that nearly 20% of drowning deaths involving children occur in swimming pools where one or more certified lifeguards are on duty. Injuries may also be caused by defective pool hardware or by reckless behavior in the water or on watercraft.

If you or your family members have been hurt in a drowning-related incident, our Indianapolis drowning lawyers may be able to help you recover compensation from the responsible party. We handle cases such as:

Drowning accidents can be devastating both emotionally and financially. On the one hand, you face the loss or permanent disability of a loved one; on the other, you may be saddled with a lifetime of high, ongoing medical expenses.

In many situations, your best course of action may be to contact an experienced Indianapolis drowning accident lawyer from the Hankey Law Office. With professional legal representation, you are better able to win compensation for the emotional and financial burdens associated with a tragic drowning accident. Our Indianapolis drowning attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and determine who is legally liable for the damages you have suffered.

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