Indianapolis Head and Brain Injury Attorney

Though brain injuries and head injuries are relatively rare from a statistical standpoint, they are often some of the most severe injuries that a person can sustain. Because the brain is such an important, complex, and delicate organ, head and brain injuries often have long-lasting and life-altering effects. Because the emotional and financial costs of such an injury are so high, the Indianapolis head and brain injury lawyers of the Hankey Law Office take them very seriously.

Types of Brain/Head Injuries

Though the human body has developed several layers of defense for the brain, it may not take much for a debilitating injury to occur. Brain and head injuries are generally caused by either direct trauma, accelerating/decelerating forces, or internal factors such as prolonged lack of oxygen, resulting in damage in the form of:

Unfortunately for victims of brain injury, even advanced modern science does not completely understand the inner workings of the human brain. The complicated neural interactions required for normal brain function are all too easily disrupted or distorted by a serious head injury. Victims often suffer from:

Injury Liability

In the experience of the Indianapolis brain injury lawyers of the Hankey Law Office, brain injuries can be caused by many common events, ranging from a simple slip and fall accident to a bar fight. In many cases, another person or company may be responsible for the injuries suffered by the victim. A property owner who fails to maintain safe walking surfaces, for example, may be liable for the head injury suffered by a visitor who trips.

If you have sustained a head or brain injury due to the negligence of another person or company, an Indianapolis head and brain injury attorney from the Hankey Law Office can help you claim compensation in court. Call (317) 634-8565 to discuss your case with our experienced and professional legal team.